Accelerate your app using the points of presence from the best CDN providers

Breaking Vendor Lock In

No more vendor lock in! Use our generic open-source API to configure your app, using a variety of CDN providers.

Switch vendors with a simple configuration change.

Introducing the Poppy REST API

Our API is open- sourced and built with Python. We are also built to play nice with OpenStack clouds, supporting KeyStone Authentication.

For more details, see the full Poppy REST API Documentation.

Getting Started

Poppy aims to integrate the plethora of CDN providers with an open source Python-based API.

We are excited to bring to you this technology which unburdens you from developing against differing CDN provider API's. We do the translation for you. Configure your application using our API.

Visit the Developer docs for more information about setting up Poppy.

CDN Providers are plug and play

As an operator, you can configure the providers you offer your customers.

As a provider, you can easily build your own provider extension to fit into our ecosystem. Just send us a Patch using Gerrit.

Want to contribute?

We have ambitious goals and we need your help.

This effort can only be successful with the involvement of developers, IT organizations, service providers, and CDN vendors.

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#openstack-poppy on freenode